I'm Heidi, a graphic designer and content creator living on the west coast of Finland. I spend my days renewing and supporting creative brands, as well as creating content for them.  

Combining image, text, color and graphics it what I love and do best. I've worked a lot with editorial design, i.e. magazines and books, but more and more with creating content for digital channels in recent years. 

I like working with the big picture rather than pixels. Regardless, I'm quite particular about my details. I'm also big on planning and secretly love Excel. My goal is to build long-lasting, non trend-based, design―I.e. trade sustainability is important to me.

Supporting young designers or those who are new to design is also my passion. Send me an e-mail if you're wanting to meet up to discuss a project, a career in design or anything related to creativity.

In 2020 I founded Studio Viita, a nomadic design studio supporting creatives and creative brands. We are a full service agency, often kickstarting our projects in rebranding and ending up with a library of practical tools and templates―I.e. we create systems that leave room for creativity and fun. Collaborating with small or one person businesses is our favorite thing, as you can do so much with so little. 


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